What people are saying

I felt privileged when the opportunity to participate in a Distance Reiki session from Katie presented itself. I have known Katie as an intuitive and compassionate healer, whom I have learned so much from on my own healing journey. For the record, I have never participated in a Reiki session before, but have often heard of its benefits. During the session, as I lay comfortable and cozy, I experienced my body overflowing with warmth and comfort. I thought WOW, I had zero anxiety, a sense of peace and calmness, it was as if all my worldly worries and cares had been washed away. I felt spiritually cleansed.  Also, for the first time, I felt in complete alignment. I felt joy. I felt hopeful. I felt so much gratitude.  I had finally been able to quiet the roar of my ego and enter a place of peace and serenity. This was a HUGE energetic shift for m thank you for holding space for all us spiritual wanderers.Thank you for sharing your gifts. The world needs you now more than ever.

Katie R

Katie is amazing!... I had never had a reiki session before...and she may have gotten me hooked!  Her place is warm and inviting...I felt so calm and clear after my session addition  to the session she gives you an Informative  write up of her findings  with suggestions  on how to improve on what may be off with you!! Totally  recommend  going to see her...ypu can feel her passion and dedication!! I'm looking forward to booking again!!!

Melanie G

Let me start by saying I have never had a reiki session before. I had no idea what to expect. Katie explained everything and made me feel relaxed. The atmosphere was so soothing and peaceful. At the end of my session Katie went over what she observed and how I may feel the rest of the day. I didn’t feel any different so honestly, I wasn’t sure if it had worked. The next day I felt energized and was the most productive I had been in 6 months!!!!  I will definitely be going back!!

Sue M.

I had my first ever Reiki session with Katie and it was incredible! Her Reiki treatment room is adorable, private and very comfortable.
Katie started with gentle touch on my head and incredibly my sinuses began to drain and clear. I couldn't believe it. After Katie completed my right side, my whole right side felt lighter. Not quite floating but it felt light as a feather. It was amazing. By the end of the session, my muscles had completely relaxed. My mind felt clearer then it has in a long time. I left feeling calm but energized.  
I loved it and I'm looking forward to visiting Katie for more Reiki sessions. She truly has a gift and a genuine passion for healing.
Thank you for a fantastic experience, Katie!

Daphne K

Katie is an incredible soul. This is my first ever Reiki Session and I honestly did not know what to expect. She is very professional and explained Reiki and is very easy to talk to. She listened to me and made me feel extremely comfortable. During the session it was at first difficult to feel totally relaxed but then the relaxation happened and I felt completely at ease. My experience was mind blowing! I left feeling totally rejuvenated and refreshed. I can hardly wait to go back for another session! Thank you, Katie, for sharing your special gift with me.

Caron W.